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About Us

In this day and age of hectic lifestyles, it is often difficult to pay attention to the needs of our own living and working space. Particularly when it comes to cleaning, we often lack the time or resources to address our residential or office space cleanliness. Aside from that, there are certain circumstances where we need a truly professional cleaning service using a fully trained team to make our residence or office spic-and-span.


Xoclean seeks to address these concerns, and has been created to provide home or business owners with a cleaning service that surpasses all expectations.


At Xoclean, we know the value of a clean work and living space. A pristine setting immediately contributes to a feeling of wellness and productivity, and other benefits such as the elimination of ailments associated with allergies, dust or mould. A safe environment, not only for us, but more so for our loved ones, is the driving force behind Xoclean.

Professional cleaners to clean your business or residence

Our vision at Xoclean is to provide completely professional and adequate cleaning services, with the help of a competent and rigorously trained team.

Any type of cleaning, we can assist you with

Our mission is to extend to our customers the highest cleaning service imaginable and to go beyond mere cleaning – we have made it our goal to address all our clients needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have built strong client relationships based on high quality service, communication and accountability.

Expert cleaners who are thoroughly trained and checked

Our staff at Xoclean have been expertly trained in safety and procedures, and have gone through thorough background and experience checks, as well as routine performance reviews. Further more, our teams carry compensation and damage insurance for any unlikely event. We don't just clean your living or working space – we make sure that all details of your preferences and requirements are recorded, to ensure that our next visit will be even more satisfactory.

Environmentally sensitive cleaning products

We at Xoclean also give importance to the environment. Because of this, we provide you with the option to choose eco-friendly products.

Office cleaning

Xoclean provide a complete office and amenities cleaning service that will keep your facility clean and organized, no matter what size or type of business you have.


These are the most commonly requested cleaning services. We consider them our basic regular maintenance tasks:

Living Rooms and Bedroom cleaning:

  • Dust ornaments etc
  • Dust furniture and clean mirrors
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust window sills and skirtings
  • Clean pictures, light switches and power points
  • Vacuum floors and carpeting
  • Tidy overall room appearance

Bathroom cleaning

  • Disinfect all visible interior and exterior parts of toilets
  • Clean sink, vanity ,cabinet face and mirror
  • Scourer with soap scum remover – shower tiles, bath and floor tiles
  • Dust shelving, nic-nacs, mirrors and picture frames
  • Clean flooring, including behind toilet by hand.

Kitchen cleaning

  • Clean exterior of large appliances
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean underneath and behind small appliances
  • Clean countertops and cabinet faces
  • Scrub sink area
  • Vacuum and mop flooring

Optional cleaning tasks

For an additional charge we can spend more time to customize beyond the most commonly requested cleaning. These may be added on as a regular or occasionally scheduled basis.

  • Exterior house washing
  • Clean windows - interior / exterior, screens and tracks
  • Remove mildew stains from ceilings and walls
  • Dust or wash venetian blinds
  • Pressure washing paths, driveways and pool surrounds